Success Stories

Salih Musliu

Salih Musliu, 45, lives in the village of Dumnice outside of Vushtrri with his wife, ten children, and four grandchildren. Five years ago, he decided to leave his work in the trading business to start a dairy farm.

Latest Stories

Xhevat Uka

Xhevat Uka, the head of the household, first took out a loan with FINCA last year to invest in his land.

Ilire Ademi

Ilire Ademi is one of FINCA's clients that with a small loan, is making major changes to build a better future for her family.

Zoran Cumpatovic

Zoran Cumpatovic, a modest man living in a small village close to the beautiful touristic hotspot of Brezovica in Kosovo.

Sabrije Tehaj

Sabrije Tehaj lives with her husband, their four young children, and her in-laws in a small home in the village of Kushnin in the Has region of Kosovo.

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