Literacy Program

Technical literacy education project articulates FINCA Kosovo’s mission and vision to support micro and small business owners to acquire and improve their knowledge required for development of their agriculture businesses and empower their well-being and sustainability.


The objectives of this program are to:

• help FINCA clients and potential borrowers to better understand and provide free technical lecture in the field of agriculture;
• strengthen people’s confidence in the microfinance/banking system;
• improve technical literacy level in the target market.


The project will be an effective channel to raise awareness and promote FINCA, its mission and activities, and will boost growth in agriculture clients.

These lectures will be organized in many municipalities.

The key points in the lectures is Prof. Dr. Hajrip Mehmet, who is a lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture in the Livestock field and who is considered an expert in this field.











FINCA Kosovo is part of the FINCA Impact Finance Network, a group of 21 microfinance and financial institutions that provides socially responsible financial services and enables low-income entrepreneurs and small business owners to invest in the future.
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